Cloud Storage: THE COMPLETE CLOUD (Really it’s Complete IT)

The Complete Cloud … It’s here … and better than ever! Although I’m sure you’ve heard about the Cloud, do you know how much it costs and what it can do? Trust me on this – once you’ve experienced the … Continue reading

Is Your Website Bringing Leads or Hurting Business?

Your Website is a reflection of your company, your products and your services, and it needs to be visually appealing, polished and professional. It may be the first and only impression a potential customer receives of your company, and acts … Continue reading

The Naughty & Nice (IT) List: You Better Be Checking It Twice!

✱ 7 Disaster Preparedness Tips Intelinet Systems Customers MUST Know ✱ It’s a fact—99% of y’all will read the first few lines of this article and then delete it. Please do not! Take a few minutes to read this… As … Continue reading

More Internet Speed For Less $$$

It’s very possible AND easy to do! Think about it… We change the oil in our cars every so often. We get our teeth cleaned every so often. We balance our checkbook every so often… OK, I’m not good about … Continue reading

When is it Time for a New Office Phone System?

Office phone systems are great tools for productivity, and they serve a number of functions that we all use every day. We all make and receive calls and many of us with outdated systems have become accustomed to standard features … Continue reading

Microsoft Surface Book MUST HAVE

Maybe it’s time you considered a surface From the Desk of Jeff Wheeler, Managing Partner of Intelinet Systems As I have said in previous articles, I walk in and out of customer’s offices almost every day. When it comes to … Continue reading

What’s your Hardware Flavor?

From the Desk of Jeff Wheeler, Managing Partner of Intelinet Systems Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had a LOT of questions. I like to know what makes people “tick” and how things work. I think that’s why … Continue reading

IT Budgeting for 2016 plus vCIO Services for Free!

Come to find out, some of our clients still don’t know about one of the free perks we offer—vCIO planning. Even though it’s becoming very popular, and widely used around the world, there are still many people who haven’t heard … Continue reading

How does your website represent you?

What does your online business card look like? As the owner of an IT Services firm, you can image I get a lot of web related questions from our customers. The one most commonly asked is if I know anyone … Continue reading

The New Intelinet Systems

Over the years Intelinet has gone through many transformations. With its humble beginnings as a typewriter repair shop, and making the bold move into Daisy Wheel Printer back in the 80’s, it makes me proud to see that as our … Continue reading