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Internet Failover

Internet Failover

Keeping your business running in the event that your primary Internet connection becomes unavailable can be very difficult in this modern age of SaaS, cloud, and online payment solutions. Having a contingency plan in place can be the difference in lost revenues or not. Intelinet’s NetEdge X Failover Solutions provide auto fail-over Internet connection over the cellular network only when the primary Internet circuit or hardware fails. The solutions utilize the AT&T Machine-to-Machine Wireless Data Network and is subscribed to a small inexpensive plan while the device/solution is in an active standby mode.

The device works as a standalone router, or works with existing Firewalls or routers, so the fail-over event is seamless and, in many times, unnoticed by users. The Intelinet Network Operations Team gets a notification of the fail-over event and monitors the device and data usage.

Intelinet also provides optional onsite or remote services to correct the outage to assist customers in getting back on the primary circuit as quickly as possible.

Redundant Wired Solutions

For customers that require bandwidth that cellular cannot provide, Intelinet offers a secondary Internet connection via Fiber, Cable, Copper, or a wireless site-to-site backhaul. We can utilize any of your existing equipment that is capable of dual Internet connectivity or provide those solutions where necessary.

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