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Voice & Data Plans

Voice and Data Plans

Where would we be without our mobile devices? Our phones have become an extension of us and have enabled us to stay connected 24×7 with family, work, email, social media and stay up to date on all the news. We play on our mobile devices and we work on our mobile devices.

As an AT&T partner and part of the AT&T Partner Exchange, Intelinet is committed to helping business with solution that include voice, data, IoT, MDM, security, wireless failover, wireless internet for remote locations, and more. 

Voice and Data Plans for Business

Intelinet provides a unique set of solutions where the organization can purchase voice and data plans bundled with Mobile Device Management (MDM). Management includes IBM MaaS 360 for controlling applications, security, geo location services and more. Intelinet provides monitoring and managing pooled data plans to keep corporate cost under control and prevent unnecessary overage fees. Devices can be locked down if anomalies are detected that may cause security issues or excessive data usage. This may happen if device get stolen and the user does not know it is missing or has not reported the device missing yet. Intelinet will also take the steps and try and locate the device and if found report that to the end user and in turn to the local authorities.

Intelinet Mobility Management will also provide direct billing solutions to branch locations, managed properties, or event to the end user to assist the corporate accounting department from being overrun with internal billing requests.

Intelinet will work directly with corporate to provide procurement, provisioning, direct delivery, management, and billing for all mobile devices.

Data Plans

  • Nine total data plans
    • Starting at 500KB for standby devices or IoT solutions.
    • Various plans up to 20GB.
  • All like plans are pooledand managed across the organization to reduce or eliminate monthly overage fees.
  • Plan speeds have no maximum threshold and will not slow at any point.

Voice Plans with Data

  • Mobile Select plans include Unlimited Talk and Text.
  • Data Plans from 1GB to 10GB and pooled across the fleet.

To learn more about the bundled MDM Solutions, click here.

Specialty Vertical Solutions for

  • Property Management
  • Retail
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation