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Business Phone System

Business Phone System / Cloud-based Phone System

Transform your phone system into a cost-cutting, sales-driving machine. Cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platforms enable users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. 

Easy to Use, Feature Rich, Reliable and Priced Right!

Our cloud-based solutions offer users the ability to use basic phones or enhanced color display desk phones and the ability to go to a complete softphone solution using wired or wireless headsets or speaker phones. Mobile apps are available and can be used as the primary communication device for the users on the go. These modern Cloud-based phone systems are designed for today’s business and are continuing to evolve for future business.

Both Elevate and Microsoft solutions are feature rich and both reasonably priced. Deciding which solutions can be difficult, but if you are already a Microsoft 365 user, pricing may the benefit here. Elevate is great for users that use other solutions other than M365 or just those that find that Elevate offers a feature that that Microsoft does not. Intelinet is here to assist in your decision making and can provide demos and consultation on both systems. 

Why Choose Intelinet?

  • In Depth Experience in Elevate and Microsoft technologies and Professional Consulting Services
  • Full demo provided so you always can see what you are buying.
  • Professional system deployment and porting of existing phone lines.
  • User training.
  • Ongoing expert support, consultation, and help desk services.

Next Steps

Call 972-331-3370 and set up a Personalized Demo of the features most important to your organization.