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Messaging solutions have evolved as mobile devices have become more prominent in the business world. We at Intelinet Systems offer messaging solutions and business products to keep you productive by staying in front of your people, your clients, and your business partners while securing and protecting your investment, and your business. Our consultants will listen to your needs and understand your budget and go over the solutions that fit your requirements. From unified messaging to our suite of security and protection solutions, we have the right messaging solution for your business and will design, implement, and support your needed requirements.

Premises Microsoft Exchange Email Server​

For years, Intelinet Systems has provided on-site deployments of Microsoft Exchange Servers and offered ongoing maintenance and management services. 

Our turn key approach provides all the services and hardware required to get the email deployed or migrated in either physical or virtual environments. To find out more please visit our Microsoft Exchange page.

Hosted Email / Hosted Microsoft Exchange

Our cloud offerings include a Intelinet branded Hosted Exchange service for organizations that are looking for a hosted business class email, calendar, and contacts on your choice of devices and browser. We are also a Microsoft Office 365 reseller and provide Exchange Online plans that meet your budget. For plans and pricing please contact one of our Hosted Exchange Consultants.

Microsoft Exchange Unified Messaging​

Combine voice mail and e-mail into a single messaging infrastructure. Unified Messaging puts all e-mail and voice messages into one Exchange mailbox that can be accessed from many different devices. Once Unified Messaging has been deployed on a network, users can access their messages using Outlook Voice Access, from any telephone, from a mobile phone, or from the computer. To learn more how our team at Intelinet Systems can assist your UM initiative, contact us today.

Protecting your Exchange Email and Business

Intelinet provides Security as a Service (SaaS) solutions that take your on-premises email protection to the next level.

SaaS Email Protection

Delivers effective, efficient, and fully managed protection against viruses, spam, zero-day attacks, and other threats to your email systems

SaaS Email Continuity

Keep your employees connected and productive even in the event of a on premises server outage.

SaaS Email Archiving

Simplifies email searches and eases archive administration with a cost-effective solution that doesn’t require additional hardware or software

SaaS Email Encryption

A cloud-based solution that helps identify and encrypt valuable information, allowing you to maintain a stronger business and comply with privacy regulations.

To learn more about any of these SaaS services contact one of our email security consultants or visit the McAfee Technology page.