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Subscription Management

Subscription Management

In today’s landscape, manufacturers are moving their products and services to monthly or annual subscription-based models.

Tracking, budgeting, and renewing your annual or multi-year subscriptions, support agreements, and product licenses can be a daunting task if you do not have the right solution in place. At Intelinet, we make managing these renewals our priority as part of our Account Management Services to you.

Subscriptions • Licensing • Annual Support • Warranty Expirations

Intelinet Systems’ Professional Services Application allows us to add or import subscription data and then track, set notification schedules, and report to you for budgetary or auditing purposes. Missing an important renewal could cause systems to shut down or cost your company reinstatement fees.

The notifications are preset, or we can customize them to your exact requirements, giving you ample time to get updated proposals or even locate alternative solutions.

If you are part of the Intelinet family of customers, we provide this white glove service for you. You run your business, let us take care of the subscription management process.

Various types of renewal services that we can assist you in tracking:

  • Firewall Security Subscriptions
  • Manufacturer or Vendor Support Agreements
  • Product Warranty Renewals, Extensions or Expirations
  • SSL Certificates
  • Website Hosting
  • Anti-Virus
  • Cloud PBX Agreements
  • Internet Agreements
  • Annual SaaS Agreements
  • And More…

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