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Security Threats​

Staying secure online in 2024 requires vigilance. As our digital lives expand across devices and networks, so too do the threats we face. Intelinet Systems is a national team of cybersecurity experts that helps businesses of all sizes protect themselves against security threats that put critical data at risk.

Malware like viruses and worms still plague systems. Spyware tracks your activities for profit and crime. Sophisticated hackers employ zero-day exploits before defenses can be updated. 

There is a multitude of security threats on the web, and these attacks interrupt operations by flooding systems with junk data, with many instances leading to stolen data and identity theft.

No single solution can address this complex range of threats. Effective security requires layered defenses across your devices, accounts, and network activity.

Strong passwords, two-factor authentication, endpoint protection software, firewalls, and data encryption work together to harden your attack surface. Education is also key – recognizing threats, avoiding sketchy links and attachments, and keeping software updated with the latest patches.

With a comprehensive approach, individuals and businesses can thrive online while minimizing risk.

Fight Online Threats With a Solid Security System

Staying protected against online threats requires multiple layers of protection.

On the software side:

  • Anti-virus and anti-spyware applications block known threats. Firewalls filter unauthorized traffic trying to enter the network. 
  • Implementing intrusion prevention systems uses deep packet inspection to spot online exploits in real time. 
  • Virtual private networks encrypt remote access over public networks. 
  • User controls limit access to authorized personnel through strong authentication. Web content filtering blocks unsanctioned or dangerous sites. 
  • Activity monitoring tracks network use to catch anomalies. BYOD policies secure personally-owned devices accessing company systems.

On the hardware side, unified threat management appliances combine these various software protections. Redundant systems, failover mechanisms, and disaster recovery plans limit downtime from attacks.

Regular testing, updates, and employee education ensure the effectiveness of these layered defenses over time. With the right mix of software protections and hardware resiliency, organizations can build network security appropriate to their needs and risk tolerance.

IT Security Consultant

Maintaining robust network security is an ongoing process as threats evolve. Intelinet Systems can help strengthen your defenses with a range of services:


  • Our consultants can design and implement new defenses tailored to your needs, whether that’s deploying next-gen firewalls, establishing secure remote access with VPNs, enacting BYOD policies to govern personal devices, or outsourcing monitoring and response with Security-as-a-Service offerings. 
  • We also provide ongoing management of firewalls and other security infrastructure to ensure optimal performance and the latest protections. 
  • With proactive maintenance and management from our team, you can ensure your network security adapts and strengthens over time, keeping your data, devices, and business safe. Reach out for a consultation on shoring up your defenses.

Experience Premier IT Security As a Service With Intelinet Systems

The security landscape today is complex, with new threats constantly emerging. Companies often struggle to keep up with managing a mix of on-premise and cloud-based security tools. Intelinet Systems offers IT Security as a Service to simplify security for clients. 

We handle monitoring, management, and responding to threats across your network, freeing up your IT team. Our security operations center provides 24/7 vigilance powered by leading platforms like Cisco and Microsoft.

Clients gain access to enterprise-grade security at a fraction of the cost of building it themselves. With Intelinet as a partner, you can focus on core operations knowing your network and data are secured around the clock.

Contact us today to learn more about our services.

IT Security as a Service

Support for Unified Threat Management appliances, end point security, password management, multifactor authentication implementation, email protection, and end user training.