Data Center

Data Center Design / Redesign

Data Center Design or Redesign

Whether you are looking to implement a new data center or re-design your current solution, Intelinet provides expert Data Center Architecture Design solutions in Dallas, TX, and nationwide. Our staff understands the demands of a superior data center locally and nationwide, and how it affects your business if your customers or your staff are hindered by non-efficient and performance-impeded platforms. We learn your business model and where the critical demands are, then work with this in mind to present a solution that meets best practices for you and your customer needs.

Our team of highly skilled engineers can assist with the following Data Center Solutions:
  • Storage solutions, performance, capacity, high-availability, and redundancy
  • Compute and Computer upgrades
  • Hyperconverged Systems
  • Software-defined networking (SDN)
  • Software-defined storage (SDS)
  • Networking Design, Switching, and Firewall Configuration
  • Failover, Redundancy, Backup, and DR (Disaster Recover)
  • Power and Energy Efficiency Optimization
  • Active Directory Design, Audit and Optimization
  • Re-consolidation of virtual environments to combat server sprawl
  • Hardware and Infrastructure Performance Optimization
  • Security Implementation and Cybersecurity Optimization
  • Hardware, Software and Topology Documentation
  • Ongoing Management, Support and Administration

Data Center Design

Our Data Center Design solutions use leading manufacturers and best practice standards. Data Center Component and Solution Manufacturers include:
  • Dell / EMC
  • NetApp
  • Cisco
  • Barracuda
  • HP
  • APC
  • Veeam
  • VMware
  • Microsoft

Data Center Redesign

Total Performance | Full Redundancy | Overall Security | Energy Efficient | Disaster Recovery

As with any solution approach, it starts by having a conversation with key people from your organization. We will discuss and document key pain points, areas of concern, and desired improvements. We then perform a network, systems and software scan, as well as an on-site physical audit. We compile all the data and meet as a team to discuss the findings. Based on the size of the data center, there are usually multiple meetings to fully understand the business usage and performance requirements. At the end, Intelinet will deliver a comprehensive analysis and recommendations for the data center redesign. If applicable, a detailed proposal will be generated, followed by a Statement of Work and any agreements that are necessary for the final solution selected.

Data Center Network Performance Audit and Analysis

The reliability and performance of a network is critical to the health of the entire infrastructure. Not all network components are designed to fit in a data center environment, yet we find these types of issues regularly during our audits. The audit is the baseline to the work that needs to be performed to bring the data center to peak health and performance. Some key areas that are focused on during an Audit include:

  • Network Performance and Bandwidth
  • Compute and Storage capabilities, capacities and requirements
  • Network Edge Security and Cyber Security Vulnerabilities
  • Network and System redundancy
  • Disaster Recovery Failover
  • Software and systems upgrade requirements
  • Review, comparison and edits of existing network and systems documentation
  • Network mapping
  • Lifecycle Management Health and Management
  • Advice and consulting on future IT investments

Data Center Support, Management, Administration

Intelinet Systems Network Operation Center monitors and remediates issues as alerts are triggered. We set threshold notifications to identify issues before it can affect the device or the overall network. Our monitoring agents are customized to automatically open a support ticket and using predefined scripts, automatically remediate the issue. If the issue cannot be resolved instantly, the NOC team jumps in and begins the diagnoses and remediation of the issue. In the event that the NOC cannot successfully and expediently resolve the issue, or if it requires an on-site visit, it is then escalated to our Level 2 Engineers. These engineers can also leverage or escalate to our Level 3 Engineers, who are the subject matter experts.

In today’s networking climate it is imperative that the IT tools any organization uses provide the most insight to issues and uses automation to their maximum capabilities. Our core monitoring and management solutions fully integrate with each other, providing all Intelinet technical and sales staff access to critical information required to successfully manage your network.

At Intelinet, we take your security very seriously. As such, we enforce multi-factor authentication and all sensitive data (such as system passwords) is encrypted and protected via role-based access, on a need-to-know basis only.