Nationwide IT Services

Property Management

Intelinet Systems specializes in providing IT support and solutions in the majority of all US zip codes. One of our most popular vertical markets is multifamily housing and apartments.

Our team of Professional Service Coordinators works directly with the Property Management Company or directly with the Properties, based entirely on the Management company’s requirements. We have your best interests in mind and always work to keep the property happy and represent the Property Management Organization in an ethical and professional manner.

Intelinet subscribes to vendor credentialing and compliance organizations such as Compliance Depot – RealPage, NetVendor, and VendorCafe.   We also utilize RealPage OpsTechnology and VendorCafe for property invoicing and payments, as well as standard direct billing methods.   

Our Property Services

Intelinet Systems is prepared to help your Property Management Company or multifamily property navigate its way to successful IT solutions across your property.

Some of the most popular services our team offers nationwide include the following:

Onsite and Remote Ad-Hoc
Per-Incident Services

IT incidents can strike at any time. Intelinet Systems has the capabilities to provide onsite and remote services to remediate client issues with:

On-boardings | Off-boardings For Employee Management – Onsite and Remote

Employee technology management is one of the most important aspects of running any successful property management venture.

Intelinet Systems provides onsite and remote services to assist your team with:

Let us save you some time and let you focus on bigger picture details outside of employee on-boarding and off-boarding management.

On-boardings | Off-boardings For Location Management – Onsite and Remote

Intelinet’s team of resources will assist you with property take-overs, Change of Management, off-boardings and follow your process and procedures to make each project move quickly and efficiently.

Intelinet Systems provides onsite and remote IT services to assist your team with:

Whether it is just hands on at the property or a full-on IT project, our team is professional and works fully on your behalf for a smooth and reliable experience.

Cabling Services

Cabling services play a vital role in any IT solution. They provide the physical infrastructure that supports the data, voice communications, and security.

Some of our most requested cabling services include:

Internet Cut-over / Turn Up Services

When you’re switching internet providers, the last thing you want is for your internet to be down during the transition. That’s where internet turn up services from Intelinet Systems come in.

Our services ensure that your internet is up and running smoothly before your old service is cut off. This way, you can avoid any disruptions in your service.

From new network installs, firewalls creation, general switches, Wi-Fi connectivity, and cabling, our turn up services are a vital part of any IT solution.

Business Class Phone System / VoIP Installation Projects

Intelinet Systems can help your properties stay connected via an effective business class phone system. Our services are perfect for small or large offices.

Our cloud-based unified communications and collaboration platforms enable users to be more mobile, more productive, and share ideas and content through a single system. 

VoIP, or Voice over IP, is a system that allows users to make and receive calls over the internet rather than through a traditional phone line. This can provide a number of advantages, including lower costs, improved call quality, and increased flexibility.

Our VoIP installation services include:

Our team even helps you design, procure, deploy, and support your system.

New Office Buildout

When a company expands or moves to new office space, they often need to build out the new space to accommodate their needs. A new office build out, can be complex and time-consuming.

Intelinet Systems can help to simplify the process and ensure that everything is properly installed and configured. Let us help your office buildout with the following services:

Mobile Device Management

Mobile device management (MDM) helps businesses manage and secure mobile devices. Our management solutions can help property management teams practice effective mobile monitoring, security, ensure swift Help Desk support, provide data and voice, app management, and more!

Our full series of MDM services include:

Special Project Services and Project Management

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is essential to any management team. Our team can help you procure software, migrate data, deploy, and provide optimal support when you need it.

IT Product Procurement Services

Getting your hands on the right IT products is essential for any property manager. Working with Intelinet Systems means that you benefit from:

Managed Services

IT managed services are a great way to outsource your IT needs, freeing up your own staff to focus on other areas of your business. Intelinet System’s services improve your entity’s IT infrastructure, making it more reliable and efficient. In addition, IT managed services can provide you with peace of mind, knowing that your IT needs are being handled by experts.

Our services include:

Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Tech

Intelinet Systems offers small IoT Managed Data Plan Bundles (Multiple SIM Packages) and emerging solutions for properties nationwide.

Our IoT and Smart Tech solutions include:

Manage Your Property’s Systems Smarter with Intelinet Systems

Intelinet Systems is one of the nation’s leading IT solutions providers for property management teams and properties of all sizes. We know that as a property manager, you rely on your technology to keep your employees and tenants in communication.

Contact us today to learn more about our property services and other IT solutions.