Managed Services

Managed Print Services

Managed Print Services

Intelinet delivers Managed Print Services (MPS) in the Dallas area and provides an extended footprint to manage printers across the nation. Our printer services provide insight to an organizations print fleet which allows our consultants to assist in the reduction of cost and downtime. Our secure and non-intrusive software agent auto detects all network printers and collects the data necessary to provide this value based service. The savings is immediately visible in reducing the overall management and providing a just-in-time toner deliver service. At Intelinet Systems, we offer three levels of Managed Print Services.

Managed Wise MPS Essentials

This program includes toner level monitoring and replenishment services.

  • Uses software that auto discovers printers on the network and monitor’s device level usage, page counts, error codes, and toner notifications.  A Web Service connects data to the customer portal which gives clients full access to their data for device administration and reporting.
  • The client never has to order toner on this MPS program. Intelligent algorithms monitor not only toner levels, but also printing behavior, so supplies are automatically shipped just-in-time.
  • Personalized routing labels ensure the toner is delivered directly to the desk of the employee or department who needs it. This eliminates lost shipments, duplicate orders, or product being mishandled and going to the wrong department.  (Optional based on size of organization)
  • MPS Essentials is offered free to our clients that commit to purchasing their printer supplies from us. Toner supplies are auto fulfilled and billed as shipped.
  • Labor for per-incident break/fix service is billed at our normal posted rates.

Managed Wise MPS Enhanced​

Same as the Managed Wise MPS Essentails program with the exception that this is a cost per image model and the toner and consumable parts are included in the price per page fee.

Managed Wise MPS Elite​ ​

Managed Wise MPS Elite is our all-inclusive print management program. As with the MPS Enhanced solution, it is a cost per image offering that includes toner and the consumable parts. In addition, MPS Elite provides all repair services and any repair parts required to fix the covered devices.

Program Comparison

Features Essentials Enhanced Elite
Collect and Notify
Portal Access
Auto Toner Replenishment
Toner Price Included
Monitor and Proactive Notification
Direct Toner Ship to End User
Repair Labor
Repair Parts
Consumable Parts
Free Shipping
National Support

Some features are available ad hoc. Please contact one of our MPS specialist for more details.