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The IT industry is constantly changing. Threats, IT solutions, and infrastructures are evolving. Running a business while keeping up with these changes can be stressful, expensive, and time-consuming.

The silver lining is that managed IT services can help your company. With managed IT services, you enjoy expert, affordable, and reliable IT services and support.

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IT managed services refer to an IT management setup that involves outsourcing IT services and support. You hire an IT company to be your external IT department. The company manages, maintains, and fixes your IT infrastructure.

You can have different setups of managed computer services.

* PARTIALLY MANAGED IT SERVICES: In this setup, the IT company works with your IT department to provide IT services and support. It can be helpful if you cannot outsource your entire IT services and support. The internal IT department comprises a few individuals that can handle simple, repetitive tasks. You seek the IT company’s services for complex undertakings.

* FULLY MANAGED IT SERVICES: In this setup, the IT company handles all your IT services and support. It may be helpful, as you won’t have any internal IT staff that have paid leave, sick days, or salary even when they do little work.


You can get various services from managed services providers (MSPs).

1. Networking and infrastructure

2. Communication services

3. Security management

4. Software-as-a-service (SaaS)

5. Support services

6. Data analytics


There are different types of MSPs (managed services providers).

* LOW-LEVEL MSPS: These IT companies offer IT support to clients’ computer networks and systems. They may handle straightforward tasks, such as software integration, program installation, and system monitoring. If the client has any problem or threat, these firms warn the client of potential issues. The client can take action. These MSPs bear no responsibility for the client’s IT planning or business concerns.

* MID-LEVEL/VALUE-ADDED MSPS: These IT companies offer essential support and more complex IT services. Once they install software, the company’s staff will monitor its performance, note the warning signs, and manage the threats. Its employees may also provide software maintenance and update programs with improved versions or security patches. You may increase or reduce their services depending on your needs.

* HIGH-LEVEL MSPS: These companies provide outsourced IT services. They offer support and more complex services, such as cybersecurity, data analytics, communication services, SaaS, wireless network support, etc. The firm’s staff can evaluate your setup and advice you on ways to improve efficiency, reduce expenses, or minimize threats.

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Managed IT services offer many benefits

1. COST REDUCTION: Outsourcing IT services can help you reduce your IT expenses. You’ll only pay for the IT services and support that you use. This setup saves you from paying the IT support whether they work or not. You also won’t give the IT team benefits that full-time IT employees get, such as paid leave, sick days, and training fees.

2. EXPERTISE: IT companies keep up with the changing IT industry. They know the latest IT solutions, security threats, cybersecurity measures, and other developments. Keeping up with these changes ensures they offer excellent services, and they have a competitive advantage. Use their knowledge to have expert IT services and support.

3. CORE FUNCTIONS: You’ll focus on your primary activities if you outsource IT services and support. You won’t need to spend too many resources verifying that the IT support does the right thing, as professionals handle it. You can channel them to your income-generating areas.

4. ENHANCED CYBERSECURITY: IT companies have extensive experience dealing with various cybersecurity threats and systems. They also undergo several exercises and training sessions to offer the best cybersecurity services to clients. Working with them enables you to enjoy their protection. They can identify and deal with threats that an IT department may miss.

5. QUICK RESPONSE: If you have any IT emergency, the IT company will deal with them fast. The team is proactive in identifying and dealing with issues early. If an IT issue becomes a problem, they are quick because they know their actions during a crisis can affect your partnership, and they are available 24/7. They use their skills to manage the situation quickly.


Intelinet Systems offers expert and affordable managed IT services. Our team comprises various specialists that you will access if you choose to work with us. You will only pay if you use their services. Our proactive approach to IT services and support will help you achieve your objectives.

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