Managed Wise™ Smart Cloud for Small Business

2003 Server Migration in Today’s Times
From the desk of David Craig, Managing Partner

At this point, I have no doubt that you have heard all of the horror stories about what will happen if you don’t upgrade your Windows 2003 Servers. Does anybody really know what could happen if you remain on 2003? The question you should be asking is: Do you really want to take that chance with your business? For most companies still running on 2003, it boils down to three main reasons: budget, time, or lack of concern. At Intelinet Systems, we have several upgrade options for moving away from Windows Server 2003 and Small Business Server 2003 that include creative, on-premise solutions, as well as our Smart Cloud solutions.

We have designed a Cloud replacement for 2003 Server(s) for the small business customer. This provides users the ability to log into the Cloud server(s) from anywhere and on any device. We make the transition easy with migration services for your data, email, and applications to our secure Cloud. User productivity increases with the ability to run a Remote Desktop Session on your existing PC with multiple monitors, or log into our web-based client from any device that runs a browser. Both client software programs offer the same Windows Desktop experience that users have come to know so well. Managed Wise Smart Cloud for Small Business removes the headache of local servers and frees you and your environment from all the associated cost.

The Managed Wise Smart Cloud starts with a clean and error-free Active Directory structure, a Remote Desktop Server, an Exchange Server, and an Application Server to effectively run accounting packages or other business applications. And, our Cloud solutions can easily expand as your needs demand!

Are you ready to move to the cloud? Let us drive you there.

For those of you that still have questions about what the cloud is all about, just give us a call and let us demonstrate the solution to you. Let Intelinet assist you in taking that step away from 2003 and into a highly productive cloud environment. Intelinet Systems is located in Richardson, Texas and has been providing IT services and solutions since 1982.

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