Is Your Website Bringing Leads or Hurting Business?

Your Website is a reflection of your company, your products and your services, and it needs to be visually appealing, polished and professional. It may be the first and only impression a potential customer receives of your company, and acts as your online business card as well.

By now, 98% of us have a website for our business,
but is yours bringing leads?

An attractive site is far more likely to generate a positive impression and keep visitors on your site once they arrive. The key is to have a clean and effective website, that can deliver your brand and message to prospects within 3 to 6 seconds.


Here are 3 great examples of what a good website looks like: This is a very clean website that clearly delivers the company’s message—you’re there to purchase candy. Not too much wording, the search bar is clearly visible, coupons, etc. This is a true e-commerce website. I like this website because we built it :>) and because it’s simple and clean. The design is fresh looking and it’s super easy to navigate. A picture is worth a thousands words, and you see the banner text first thing when you arrive onto the website. This is a website that is out there…but effective. They have really done it right! And get this – when you do a Google search, they have the whole first page of content. Click here to see.

An unattractive or poorly built site will do more to hurt
your business than to help it.

If you have an existing site, or plan to develop one in the near future, it’s important to understand the characteristics that can make or break the effectiveness of your online investment.

I’ve been designing websites for 10 years now, and have an eye for what works. If you have not updated your website within the last 3 to 4 years—it’s time! Send me your current website and we will send back a new mock design to see what your website could look like.

For more details, please contact me: Jeff Wheeler, 972-331-3311,

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Jeff Wheeler
Managing Partner, VCIO

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