What’s your Hardware Flavor?

From the Desk of Jeff Wheeler, Managing Partner of Intelinet Systems

Ever since I was a young boy, I’ve had a LOT of questions. I like to know what makes people “tick” and how things work. I think that’s why I ended up in the IT business – it’s by far the best way to measure data, predict algorithms, and the most effective way to calculate what people really want and/or need.

Recently, I’ve been pondering something that I see in my line of work, time after time…

At Intelinet Systems, we sell a ton of hardware and software, for any-and-all types of devices. We have two magnificent team members, Jennifer and Ted, that are dedicated to this particular service alone—with companies from all over the US coming to us for the unrivaled, 5-star service these folks provide.

But as I look over our sales orders, I can’t help but find it interesting that so many companies stick with the “same flavor” of device. From my calculations, it seems that Dell, HP and Lenovos are the top 3 PC brands that consumers are ordering through us, while it’s Dell and HP that dominate our server sales.

So I’ve got to ask… What brand do you prefer? When you decide to upgrade to a new PC, are you going to purchase an Acer, Dell, HP or another brand? Also, where would you purchase your new device—from a trusted reseller like us? Online? Call the manufacture direct? etc… What’s your plan to migrate the data over, and get it up and running?

Hey…I told you I had a lot of questions! Humor my inner nerd and take this short survey. It will take less than 4 minutes, and honestly, I’ll sleep better tonight (as weird as that may sound). Please, click right HERE to take the survey—It’s 100% anonymous!


Jeff Wheeler
Managing Partner, VCIO

At Intelinet Systems our mission is to exceed your technology needs and expectations with our proven solutions, knowledgeable support staff, industry leading consulting and sales services, and skilled technical experts.