When is it Time for a New Office Phone System?

Office phone systems are great tools for productivity, and they serve a number of functions that we all use every day. We all make and receive calls and many of us with outdated systems have become accustomed to standard features such as voicemail, call hold, call waiting, etc.

It’s likely your old phone system has the following features:

  • Making and receiving calls
  • Internet office intercom
  • Voice mail
  • Call hold
  • Call waiting

So, do you know the key signs of when you need to replace your phone? If your phone only has the basic functions, it’s time for a new phone system.

Today’s Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones are amazing. They have so many features that you most likely never even knew you needed. However, once you have these conveniences, you get spoiled.

Features of VoIP

  • Call routing by DID (direct inward dial)
  • PC app to dial from your PC
  • Smartphone app to dial from your office phone via the app
  • Screen sharing
  • MS Exchange integration
  • CRM integration (Microsoft Dynamics, Salesforce, SugarCRM, Sage)
  • Voicemail/music-on-hold
  • Call following (rings multiple phones at the same time)

VoIP is not an expensive system. In fact, it’s so affordable, you’ll be shocked! Contact me at the office to get all the details (972-331-3370). Or send me a quick email, You’ll be glad you did!

Providing Solutions for Real Results,

Jeff Wheeler
Managing Partner, VCIO


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